Welcome to Forth of JuBrian 2023

You are cordially invited to our newest event. Forth of JuBrian! A summer weekend celebration of Brian Herbek (Massive Bri) featuring camping, music, and art in the style of Fourth of Juplaya.


Hell yeah we did! But this time will be better, because it will be warmer, and is unlikely to rain, which means no mud, and a better camping environment.

Forth? don’t you mean Fourth?

We’re not going to try to compete for your July 4th weekend, so we’re moving FORTH to the end of the month. But also we’re celebrating our continued dedication to forward movement. Onward, to victory!

Ok, so When is Forth of JUBRIAN?

The event begins at Noon on Friday July 28th, and concludes at 8 PM on Sunday July 30th.

Where is this thing?

JuBrian is again hosted by Ramon, Diana, and Erik @ The Lair. At:

828 Chanslor Ave., Richmond, CA.

Who can attend Forth of JuBrian?

Camping space is limited, but we estimate room for 15-20 tents on the grounds. Some ground space will be shaded and our fences covered with shade cloth for privacy. There is also some street parking for RVs / trailers right in front of the property. Tent placement is first come first placed, so get your information submitted early. Even if you’re not camping with us, you can always drop in throughout the weekend. Check the schedule below.

Will there be art?

There will be the famous Simon Birdhouse, Amelia the Mouse Piano, the Ardent Cloud, YATP sign and burn barrel, and potentially more!

What’s the schedule of events?

The overall goal is chill socialization, art, good food, music, and of course Brian. 😄 Since this a Juplaya-esque event, you are encouraged to bring your own fun!

  • Friday
    • Noon – Gates open. Load in can begin. Snacks available.
    • 6 PM – Dinner (BBQs open with meats and veggies)
    • 7 PM – Movie night in the Lab showing Love and Monsters (2020) Popcorn station and drinks available.
    • 9 PM – Movie night continues with Annihilation (20018)
    • 11 PM – Late night showing of Frogs (1972)
    • 2 AM – General lights out.
  • Saturday
    • 10 AM – Breakfast (Crunchwraps)
    • 1 PM – Potluck Lunch (Bring something to share)
    • 6 PM – Dinner (Bruno’s Famous Raviolis)
    • 8 PM – Bunny Jam / Boneyard Karaoke (Bring your Bunny Gear!)
    • 2 AM – General lights out.
  • Sunday
    • 10 AM – Breakfast (Pancakes)
    • 1 PM – Lunch (Whatever is left)
    • 4 PM – FrogBat Firing Range
    • 5 PM – FrogBat Burn
    • 6 PM – Load out begins. Snacks will be made available.
Is there any kind of water situation?

Bring a bathing suit and lounge in warm and cold spring pools of our very own frog pond.

What’s the food situation at Forth of JuBrian?

We’ve put together a meal plan with some of Brian’s favorite foods, and Juplaya staples, and we’ll be providing meals and snacks from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. There will also be a kitchen space so you can bring your own stuff and cook on-site. We have a sizable BBQ, and beer on tap.

What about facilities?

We have 2 easily accessible bathrooms, one with a shower and one without.

Is it gonna be “THAT” kind of party?

We want everyone to feel free to enjoy themselves, but we ask that you not abandon your grace.

Is this event gonna cost anything?

There’s no ticket cost.

Can I help in any OTHER way?

Absolutely! We’ve got a lot of art to finish before the event, and during / after there will be a need for help with food or cleaning. Please indicate on your RSVP, or email us with what you’d be able to help with. We really appreciate it.

Great! I’m in! What do I need to do?

Check our Campout FAQ, then submit your RSVP.


Dang! I can’t campout, Can I still come?

Yes of course! Feel free to drop in whenever you can. But please submit an RSVP and let us know.